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The Thieves Way
As online gaming makes ground-breaking advances in fields like graphics, depth, customization and control, so too do the players evolve from their solitary struggles in a vast digital world and band together to conquer a game's challenges both mundane and extraordinary. These bonds strengthen the ties that bind players together from all over the world. That which is left in the wake is a group of truly like-minded companions: a guild. Trust me, friend, the guild which piqued your interest and led you to this humble pallet of information is like none you have seen before or shall ever see again. The unseverable cords which draw us together have spanned several games, and they form a brotherhood as thick as any family; nae as Thick as Thieves.

Currently our sights are set upon the new forefront of the MMO world: Tera Online. As with each game to which our guild moves, we sound the call for others that wish to join our ranks. Whether you want nothing more than a hub for your Tera experience, or seek to forge the friendships that break the limits of a mere game, Thick as Thieves extends to you an invitation: a chance to show us you possess that which we seek. In Tera, Thick as Thieves will be a pvp guild aiming toward active involvement and achievement both in open-world political pvp, and the guild vs guild and warzone combat features. What we seek are mature players with the motivation to help propel us toward those destinations.

Feel free to ponder the path you wish to take during your Tera adventures. As you do, browse this well-spring of information and determine whether or not you have a place in a guild whose ties can boast thicker than a den of thieves. Our requirements are simple, and our desire to assist our member base in their endeavors is great. The forums where we congregate our knowledge should enlighten you to the requirements (things such as ventrilo, maturity, and reasonable activity), our goals (owning towns, obliterating enemy guilds in fun and fair pvp, and scouring the world for challenges), and a general idea of our members (through their public forum posts). We certainly look forward to welcoming you into our den.

Guild Rules

Even though we're in open recruitment phase, members should read over the core rules and standards that Thick as Thieves requires. These rules are enforced in-game, in the forums, on our Facebook page, and in Ventrilo. By applying to this guild, you are accepting our rules and required to follow them. Members that cannot follow these rules will be removed swiftly.

Core Rules:

Maturity and Respect: Respect, it's a two way street. There are a multitude of diverse people with unique personalities, beliefs and values; as such, we must respect each of our differences. This means that when disagreements occur, we need to respect those we disagree with, and those that don't want your disagreement in their leisure time. Thick as Thieves does NOT troll it's own members. We also need to remember that our actions in groups reflect on the whole guild, thus we need to be respectful in pickup groups. Guild members are to always positively represent the guild. Professional behaviour reflects well on the guild, terrible behaviour reflects badly, and a bad reputation spreads faster than a good one.

Ventrilo: Ventrilo: While it is not required to be in Vent while playing TERA, I do require members to be in it during PVP and guild events. I will strongly caution those who do not want to use Vent...most people that are in the guild use Vent and I have noticed they rarely pay attention to guild chat. If you want to make friends and get to know your guildies a little better, hop into Vent! While using our Vent server, please be curtious to your fellow members. If you're running a dungeon, playing another game, or just having an in-depth conversation with someone else, don't be rude and speak over other people- move to another channel. That's what they're there for! We have specifically created channels to suit everyone's needs.

Age Restrictions: We have a strict policy that our members must be 18+. If you are not 18 or older, or at least act like you aren't, please do not apply to the guild, as your application will be denied.

Quality over Quantity: Thick as Thieves will always be more about the quality of our player base than the quantity. There is no reason to have over a hundred members in your guild, if they rarely talk or interact with each other. My goal for this guild is to have 50 active members, which, in my opinion is harder than 300 inactive members.

Be Useful: Lend a hand when your fellow guildies need it. In order to level up the guild, tokens are given from repeatable guild quests. Handing in said tokens will surely add some brownie points in your favor. Helping guildies does not require you to give money to other members, but when someone needs help with questing, advice on PvP or crafting, and you have the time or information, help them. We are a team of friends, we back up our guildies and help them whenever possible. Promotions rely on all of these.

Vulgarity: There will be no obscene racist, sexist, homophobic or religious comments. On that note, we are very lax on cursing.

Activity: Dead weight will be removed. After one month of no activity you will be cleaned from our guild roster. If real life gets in the way, which it does sometimes, notify us if you're leaving for an extended amount of time and we'll keep your spot in the guild.

Recruiting: You want a big, prosperous guild? Recruit those that don't have a guild, cool people you're partying with, real-life friends, or in-game friends. They must still apply to our website.

Participate in Guild Events: This is a great way to meet all of your guildies, have fun and show participation and interest in Thick as Thieves.

Ranking: Leadership roles are decided on ability, maturity and loyalty. Promotions are strictly optional. Master Thief and Rogue titles require more responsibility from the guild, but also have more of a reward. These positions determine how our guild wealth, gear, dungeon parties, etc...will be handed out.

Standards of Conduct:

Members will not use cheats, exploits or buy gold.

We recruit the person, not the toon. You're in our guild only, or not in it at all. We have a place for your alts. Applying to another guild while a member of Thick as Thieves will be considered to be equivalent to a resignation from Thick as Thieves.

Thick as Thieves griefs the griefers. While we will not tell you how to play, our mind set is to NOT needlessly attack lower level characters. If you have infamy from ganking noobs, members will not be obligated to help you and gain infamy themselves. If members have over 200 infamy, you will be kicked from the guild. If you spot a fellow member with over 200 infamy, take a screenshot and send it to an officer or the guild leader and it will be dealt with. If you're being ganked by griefers and ask for help, we expect our members to back each other up. We're a family, and will always have our fellow members' backs.

5 guild tokens are required each week from our level 60 members. If you're level 60 and running an alt, I still require guild tokens from you. Mail the tokens to Crelyos.

If you're overflowing with gold and feeling generous, donate to the legion. While I will not force our members to donate, do keep in mind that running a guild and starting GvGs costs gold.

Don't be shy, make friends! Party with guildies as much as possible.

Any issues with other members are brought to the Guild Leader or the Shadows. You will not publically bash our members via guildchat or any other chat in game or in Vent. We handle issues maturely and on a 1v1 basis.

While we do not enforce members to be actively commenting in our forums, we do expect our fellow thieves to keep updated with the guild activity and events we post on this website. We work very hard to make sure we keep all of you updated with the latest guild and TERA news, along with guides with questions many people ask (crafting, enchanting, pets, etc...). Show some respect by at least checking our forums periodically.

Stealing from or scamming other members is not permitted. You will be banished immediately.

Structured feedback is encouraged from our members, we will always take reasonable ideas or suggestions into consideration.

Do NOT attend an instance if you are not sure you can finish the run. This causes delays and is unfair to the other party members. Whenever you party, discuss the loot rules in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end. Be considerate to other players’ need for gear, and let us gear up as a guild.

No begging for gold from Thick as Thieves members or anyone else in the game. There is nothing more annoying in the game than people asking for money. Everyone has the capacity to make money in this game if you work hard. Don't degrade our guild or yourself by performing such undignified acts.

Ventrilo is mostly for guild use only, but if you're running a dungeon or something group-based, you are allowed to have party members join our vent and move into an allotted channel. If these people become rude or ignorant, this rule will change to guild-only use for vent and they will be IP banned.